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Settlement for each merchant starts once unclear funds reach 100 EUR or 100 GBP. Funds are sent to merchants’ account in T+2 period, i.e. 2 days after transactions are completed. Settlement may be delayed during Chinese holidays due to late transfer of funds from Alipay or Wechat.

The installation of Milepay is free. The usage fee is divided into handling fee and management fee as following:

Offline physical stores: The handling fee is 1.6-1.8% of the amount of each transaction ; the management fee is 25 euros per month (excluding tax) .

Online payment: handling fee is 2.5% of each transaction amount ; management fee is 50 euros per month (excluding tax) .

1.business license; 

2.Articles of Association;

3.Identification of major shareholders (more than 25% of shares or voting rights) (passport or ID card);

4. Company bank account information (IBAN) for opening an account in Europe;

 5 E-mail (main communication method);

6 Mobile phone number (to receive transaction information);

After the materials are provided, the merchant can start to use Alipay/Wechatpay within 3 hours at the fastest .

Yes, Please send the required materials to contact@Milepay.com .

The settlement is based on your preference, it can be done every day, every week or based on your adhoc request.

100% safe, secure and trustworthy. Milepay has not encountered any transaction problems or malfunctions. We exclusively work with reliable and professional partners, therefore our procedures are trustworthy.